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Blood bandits
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I would like to see blood bandits coming back.
I actually loved the time where people would stop people on the streets, just to steal some of their blood.

I think this could be done by making blood test kits less rare. Also I would change it that you can't take blood from a dead person, this makes it so that you won't be killed on sight for some blood. Unconscious players should be able to give blood though.
Maybe even make it harder to regain blood?


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This is... Confusing.
There isn't anything stopping players from doing this now, why would you need to encourage it? Food is a more convenient way of regaining blood in my opinion.

I don't think they necessarily need to change when you can take blood on this one, but making blood take a lot long to regain naturally would be cool because I think it would make more of an incentive for getting blood.