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Dayz First Person Only
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Make Dayz first person only, do it for the interactions, do it for the looking over walls disadvantage, do it for the immersion, do it for the intense gunfights, do it for the hardcore and survival game it is. It will just make it better. This is my opinion and will respect who disagrees, good day :)


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play hardcore or on server where only 1st person is enabled and you will be fine

Im not supporting this, It seems great, but if you preffer first person, go play on hardcore, sorry.

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I am supporting this, because it would just be awesome. No more disadvantage etc. The only problem with it is that a lot of people will stop playing (a lot of KOS'ers which is good).

3rd person exists because the mod had it, the mod had it because ArmA2 had it. People like seeing their character. There are plenty of hardcore servers around.

An alternative solution would be to move the 3rd person camera in closer to the player, so it's more over-the-shoulder, limiting the corner look advantage.


Thanks for sending in your feedback on this issue. There are no plans of turning DayZ into 1st person view exclusively. We do however hope that you'll have great experiences with the game on the servers that are locked in 1st person view.