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[Suggestion] allow map to pair with compass
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I believe that if you find a map in-game and also find a compass, you should be able to craft them together to make a Map+Compass item. This item could have a function that allows the player to (roughly) locate themselves on the map.
For example, with the item in hand the player could push 'f' to "Attempt to navigate". Then a marker would be placed on the map of the players location (perhaps roughly, like within 200m of actual position, since this is a map+compass and not a GPS).
Additionally, if crafted with a pen, the map+compass+pen could keep a visual record of the players movement.


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The reason i make this suggestion is because nearly all players generally have a Map open in their browser that they alt+tab to anyway, so this would make the in game map actually have value and be worthy of having/collecting the pieces of to make a full map.

I would like to play DayZ without tabbing out constantly to figure out where i am on the map. With this feature i would (and i believe others would) begin actually using the in-game map.

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Ultimately the goal should be that players are not tabbing out of the game to use a third party map to figure out their location.

'Press X to Navigate' is not something DayZ needs to be doing. Brutal realism has been the goal since the start, meaning if you want to use a map and compass, you learn how to actually use a real map and compass. There isn't anything that can be done to keep players from using Steam overlay or VOIP, and sacrificing an opportunity to learn an actual skill from a videogame is not worth it.

I get what you're arguing, but as you say yourself, "There isn't anything that can be done to keep players from using Steam overlay or VOIP", so there is little chance anyone will be learning to navigate properly (in a realistic way) in-game. Leaving little to no utility for the map and compass.

You don't even seem to need a compass or map currently, with the sun in the south and the moon in the west, i never even pick up a compass..

  1. Players know that their shadow is pointing NNW. So why use the compass?
  2. Players know that there are better maps they can alt-tab to than the in-game map. So why collect map pieces to make a full map?

As for the "brutal realism" that you mention, i don't see my character needing to evacuate his bowels or urinate or sleep. In real life I've never died from thirst when i didn't drink several canteens of water or from a fountain 20 times a day. And a couple cans of food is plenty to fill a human stomach not to mention you wont be on the edge of death if you don't eat for a day, or two...or three. Military bases don't leave guns laying around and under beds. To properly zero a scope you need to understand and know what a MOA is. A person cant sprint endlessly without building up lactic acid and feeling muscle fatigue. A real wound doesn't necessarily need a bandage to stop bleeding, and sometimes a bandage isn't enough to stop bleeding. And I don't know about you but I've never seen a zombie before.

Do you know how to disassemble, clean and reassemble an m4, mosin, pump shotgun, AUG, and 1911? because you're suggesting that players shouldn't be able to use the weapon cleaning kit unless they do.

Do you know how to replace a car engine? Because you're suggesting that a player shouldn't be able to repair their car (which will soon be implemented)unless they know how do so in real life.

Do you know how to properly gut and dress a hunted kill? Because you're suggesting that a player shouldn't be able to do so in-game unless they know how to do so in real life?

The key is not realism, but Simulated Realism. Which means a sense of realism, or similarity to reality or imitation of reality.

What I'm suggesting is to give value to these items (map&compass) while maintaining a simulated reality, because currently they have no value.

Using the function key with a map&compass to attempt to navigate is hardly unrealistic, especially in comparison to these other examples.