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Keys depressed on keyboard dont always work.
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The UI, bottom bar mapped into keys 1 thru 0 do not always work when hit 5+ times. I sometimes try to see if its the mapping or the sync issues or lag period. Its very random at times, and other times its constant. The UI and the hardware mappings don't appear to be very connected. Sluggish, and cumbersome.


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Tried to keymap changes... Slam on the keyboard =D

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I have the same problem when trying to swap weapons, and I believe this is weapon related and not that the game isn't recognizing your kee press.

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I have also had this issue... Particularly hitting it while running. I have a gaming keyboard that should be able to register an impossible number of simultaneous keypresses so I don't think that's it.

I have gone to step two and mapped the 1-2 buttons on the mouse. Button 5 and 6 or whatever and it works slick.

I even plugged in the Razer keypad to help map other keys if needed. If it even works as well as the mouse did.