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Characters weapon is always jittering
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The current characters weapon in 0.52 is always jittering/shaking.

Even if you kill your characters, the new character is still jittering if you have a weapon.


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Theres 3 ways to solve this

  1. you can start shaking when your character is cold, even if you don't get cold status.

solution: sit by camp fire.

  1. you start shaking if you eat human meat.

solution: don't eat human meat, theres no cure for this.

3)your character is tired from running and is heavily breathing when aiming with a weapon.
solution: rest before taking a shot.

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he's not "cold" or freezing (there is no indicator in the inventory).
I was sitting at a camp fire about 10 minutes. He was even not getting warm or hot. Maybe because it was raining and because I was "damp"?

may be. if your damp you can't get warm first you need to dry out. next time make a camp fire indoors. its a lot harder to get warm now. just when camp fires got implemented i had to sit on top of fire because of rain and only after im no longer cold my face started to melt. but now you start burning even if your still cold.

you should actually look through this guys videos he always brings the best news and in 1 video he explaned that you start shaking when your cold. he also made a couple of videos on how the temperature work, how much water do you loose when your hot etc.

It's a temperature system glitch. Campfire should help in theory, but it doesn't. Body temperature always reads 35°C at this state. Kinda locked in "freezing". Some ppl report that 4 campfires near each other can help, but for me they didn't.

camp fires no longer make you hot instantly. if your near a camp fire you will only regen +0.01 of temperature every 10 seconds

I had this issue just yesterday. I solved it by sitting in between 4 campfires for round about 45 minutes
Yes it's a long time, but it worked for me. I had also no indicator in the inventory screen where your different status are shown. And the only message I received in the chat, while i was sitting at the fires was " I'm warming up" every minute.

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Agreed, seems to be a symptom of the constant state of cold in this patch, without the status of being cold... Being hot or even warm, so that you can aim down sight, has become a luxury in .52.

same issue here with my mosin, im healty and warm but still my scope is vibrating really fast. this is a bug.

Morphine dind't fix it for me
Campfire dind't fix it for me
resting/eating dind't fix it for me !

Use more than one campfire..we had good results with 4 to 5 campfires. Make a circle with them and sit in the middle for 15min-30min. After some minutes the message "I'm warming up." or "I'm slowly warming up." should appear..

And then wait till the shaking ends. This worked for us several times. (We also tested splints, ephedrin, morphin, resting and gaining healthy status, but none of them worked..)

The cold indicator does not appear in the inventory when you got this bug.

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we are currently investigating this (#0020179).