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can't gut animals and use/craft splint
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1)i was using a machete to gut animals it worked on 0.51 stable but on 0.52 nothing happens i don't get any meat guts or skin. and i only get an option to "cancel current action"

2)i broke my legs at green mountain i got my self sticks and i started to craft splint i see the animation of crafting but i dont get the splint and i don't loose any sticks or rags then server restarted when i reconnected to the same server i tried to make splint again and it worked but i couldn't use the splint. i saw the animation but nothing happens the splint does not disappear and my legs are still broken. and i couldn't make a new splint. all i could do is to tryout the new suicide animation. i think that all the actions that are using this same animation are broken is stable 0.52


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try to make a splint or gut any animal.
i played on 1st person/3rd person private hive server

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can i get any help?
would really appreciate it. thanks!

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I can't craft a splint either, i'm stuck crawling forever :(

Same issue with splint making.

i think morphine should work just fine because it uses different animation then crafting/guting

Morphine works fine, but it is hard to find, so it's not very good replacement for splint...

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Try non persistent servers, everything works perfectly there. Persistence breaks a lot of things :(

i think it was non persistence server because after every server restart all the old loot disappeared and new loot spawned in instead

yep the admin just confirmed that its not persistence server

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this will work until the bug is fixed:

  1. have one stick in inventory
  2. put one rag in your hand
  3. press F11 to start suicide animation
  4. while in animation craft splint

thanks. first i thought you were joking but it actually worked. haven't tried to use it tho, it also works with crafting an improvised knife. when i tried to gut a boar i just got a message that i started to gut a boar but i didn't get any meat and i didn't get any options not even to cancel current action, big THANKS to you man.

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Thank you for the report modis002.
We are aware of this issue #0020648 and it has been scheduled for a fix.