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AK suppressor with muzzle device/ Backwards handguard
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This is purely an ascetic issue but on the AK 101, 74 and 74u since they feature the russian style muzzle break the suppressor when attached is hanging off the end of it rather than going over or overriding the muzzle break.

Inclosed are some images showing the difference. Again purely cosmetic but for firearms lovers like myself the extra effort really is appreciated.

Also the handguards are backwards on the AK series of rifles.


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Apply eastern suppressor to AK-101, 74 and or 74u

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I've inclosed some screenshots I edited to show the difference.

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I noticed that too, and is even stranger because the weapon looks like a spear.

Yeah it looks kind of retarded as well as adding 2-3 inches of overall length when your weapon is slung on your back and when you're behind cover.

I've just noticed my mates M4A1 has the same issue with the suppressor being attached to its flash hider rather than threaded directly to the barrel/attached over the flash hider.

Not a huge deal but then again not a huge amount of effort to fix either :D

andy added a comment.Jan 6 2015, 11:45 AM

No need to submit tickets twice, we'll get to everything eventually :).