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please lift global ban
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i was letting my cousin borrow my computer until he got one for the holiday and he just gave it back. when he gave it back it had a bunch of viruses on it and I had to go get my computer fixed for 100$. I downloaded everything back onto my computer but when I went to play dayz it said I was global banned. please lift this ban it wasn't my fault and Ive already told my cousin he isn't allowed to use my computer anymore.


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It's a Bug Tracker, not a game support for people "who has never done anything"...

Im sure if you get a recorded phone call of you and your cousin confessing his guilt and post it on here they'll probably unban you.

forget it. who are you? 12yo kid?

Come on please i just want to play dayz again it wasnt even my fault

next time dont use hacks kid

Read the description "kid" i didnt use any hacks it wasnt me

That sucks so much. If it's true your cousin is a real bastard.

I know bro like i told him never to ask me for favors or anything again like im so mad at him i just wanna be able to play my game again but im trying to get help and noone will help me

meh. get out.

Lesson learned, don't loan your hardware to anyone. Especially extended family.

Your only recourse is to contact BattlEye support at Neither BI nor Steam can unban you.


please contact BattlEye directly for any BattlEye related issues.

Thank you.