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Player shaking forever
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I have been all around the map with this character and just recently I have come across the problem were he cant stop shaking. I have tried everything I could think of, I am not cold, I am not hot, I have taken vitamins and painkillers, and I have also checked my pulse and it was strong. I was also not running before I aimed down the sights


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It is really hard to snipe bandits without a steady aim.

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Temperature bug, man!

If you find thermometer and use on yourself, you will see its 35c.

and how to cure that? i am now next to a fireplace for more than 20mins. it's always saying "i am warming up" but the shaking continues....

we tested it you need at least 4 fires next to each other.

it worked with the 4 fires. thanks

Have the same bug, very annoying.

Same bug here, temperature reads 35 Celsius.