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Should dead bodies really despawn?
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Honestly if there were 500 bodies on a server it would get laggy, but I think the servers could handle it if bodies despawned after either two resets, or after there are so many dead bodies already on the ground. It's just annoying how sometimes you are on a server with nobody else and you die from going upstairs in a building. Then you race back to your body hoping it's there to log off about to stave after looking in the place where your body was. I just think it would be better for the realistic immersion too. If you see a dead guy with all their shit ruined you know there is someone with you and it's just unreal. Maybe you should be able to check the temperature of the bodies with your hand and it'll say something like "The body is cold it died a long time ago" or "The body is still warm". That'd be kinda cool, especially if you could also do it with dead zombies.


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zombies are dead a long time ago... they are cold even when walking around

Huh I did not think of that. I feel stupid now, but I meant like due to how the body cools down after death. It really depends on how you think zombies work though. I mean they could emit heat seeing as blood probably flows. Still you're right.

They are not dead AFAIK.

zombie philosopy on:
i don't think dayz zombies are actually walking corpses, as this is (scientifically) total nonsense
in the walking dead zombies don'T need to eat/drink ,although they tend to do so (as there are many running around without (a functunal) digestive system -> no eat/drink, and they are still alive
in addition zombies don't need anything (exept for the brain) a human would need to live (oxygen/blood ciculation/etc)
so the only way to kill a zombie in the walking dead is to destroy the brain
that leads me to the conclusion, that in the walking dead zombies are some magical creatures that were risen by a necromancer or curse or whatsoever
because if it's about magic, we don't need to argue about science

in dayz on the other hand enough body damage will kill the zombie, even if the brain stays intact so zombies are as mortal as humans
and with advanced zombie ai i realy like the idea of zombies going to ponds and drink, or actually eat what they have killed (or bodys they found)
like that dayz zombies could actually be human beings, that got transformed by a serious disease (that wiped out all human aspects and left a hungry, walking shell) but still are mortal in a way, that is realistic
zombie philosiphy: off

so: zombies should have body heat, and eat bodys that they find, which might casue things like cloting to disappear, but backpacks guns and meele weapons, should be droped (maybe get the status bloody and you need to clean it first or you risk an infection)
and i think bodys should stay (altough bambies that suiciced at the coast and things like that should be removed) so that even if you get eaten after your death, you still can get some things back

also, did you notice you could already feel the temperature of dead players

First off Hase that's some damn good logic. Second I am not talking about just death from zombies, because that is almost never what I die from. Also the body temp thing, I was talking about if player bodies would stay around longer it would be cool if they told you the body went cold after like half an hour.