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Never ever spotted (or caught) a Rabbit, Fish or Chicken, are they really in the Game?
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I really do my best... i crafted improvised Fishing-Rods from Rope, Ashwood-Stick, Fishing-Hook, Earthworm... i crafted Rabbit Snaretraps from wooden Stick and Metal Wire and deployed them on many Servers several times, i placed improvised Fish-Traps (cut waterbottle & Earthworm) in the Water - i never ever really caught something or even saw Fish swimming, Rabbits hopping or Chicken running around anywhere in the Standalone yet.

On the other side i have found and hunted for Boars, Cows, Deers sometimes successfully, sometimes i even managed to slay them from short Distance with an Axe (!), this is quite a Relief in the Struggle against Starvation, for sure. Nevertheless any of the mentioned above small Animals keep hiding from my Eyes and Traps, etc. constantly, even if i placed them in a circle arond a Forest or something.

Am i just unlucky or what could be the Reason?


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Craft Traps and hunting Equipment and use them like a Moron, still not succeeding in the Effort to catch some small Animal. Get just frustratedly further on looking for Cans or die of Starvation or grow some Seeds, just dreaming of Rabbits, Chickens and Fish...


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Playing the ArmA 2 DayZ Mod i got nearly run down by a Horde of about 12 Rabbits once in the Forest near a City... quite funny in Comparison.

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Yes they are. Sometimes you can even see a rabbit. Many times, while I was camping, I would hear footsteps that would scare me out :) It would 90% be rabbits. As they are really small, you can't see them in grasses.

Anyway, craft a snare trap, deploy it in somewhere, go away and spend some time somewhere else for 15-20 minutes, and if you're lucky a rabbit will be there. If the wire in snare trap is bent and there is no rabbit, it means the rabbit managed to run away.

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i found are rabbit and caught him, he was empty but he exist! And today i saw a cow and a deer both running away from a Zombie how hunt them, looks funny ;)

Fishtraps and Snaretraps are both working properly. You just need to be patient and spent (eventually) a long time waiting to catch something. Chicken are not in the game (as far as I know). The only thing from chicken you can find are feathers, which are used in crafting improvised arrows in combination with sharpened sticks.

Chicken are in the game as well but they spawn in very limited spots and as they can't outrun players and zombies, they get killed by the zeds most of the time.

Rabbits do exist. I saw them before. Generally in fields with tall grass so you just hear random hopping in the grass. You might not even see the bastards because of how small they are.

I've recorded this just an hour ago. Came across a chicken. Thought you would like to see ;)

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Yep, we checked and the animals are in. They can be a bit sneaky though :).