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Allways shaking and freezing
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i wear tactical Shirts and olive Pants.
Also smersh-vest or high capacity vest, Military boots, gilli head and my char is allways freezing. Each time i have to make a fire and after 10min ! i lost the cold Status. Then i run and after 5min i'm cold back and 5min i'm freezing again.
If is raining its more faster. Also if is clowdy.
I think is only since 0.52


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Steam Version 2014-12-22

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I got the same problem even with sitting next to a fire for like one hour its not stopping with my charactar .. thats a little buggy

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jop same here... fire full clothed, and freezing...

I had the same issue, I managed to resolve it by starting a fire out in the open (not indoors) sitting by it for a good 5 minutes, if I didn't get the status message saying "I'm warming up" I logged off the server and re-joined and sat by the fire for at least 10-15 minutes, eventually the shaking subsides and your character should be back to normal. If you don't get the message saying I'm warming up, then log off and rejoin.

Hope this advice helps.

andy added a comment.Jan 13 2015, 1:20 PM

Hey everyone,
I was not able to reproduce this problem, but we are aware of similar issues possibly arising and working on them.