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Continuously freezing/cold until completely not wet/damp even with fire
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Continuously freezing/cold until completely not wet/damp even with fire. Had a TTSKO jacket, hunting pants, military boots, and a UN ballastic helmet. Built a fire because it kept saying I was cold, even with a heat pack, took around 10 minutes sitting like a inch from a fire to go from freezing to cold, and then another ten to go from cold to normal. I was evening wringing out everything. This to me is a pretty serious bug since I cant really travel from town to town without building a fire to stay alive. Before the .52 patch I was just fine, and my last charchter was just fine with the .52 patch but, after I died and respawned this happened. The only difference between this charchter and the last was that I had a different style of hat on.


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same here, the solution was to get in the tent out of the rain, place the fire right in front of the tent door and ring everything out... without I was cooling off even when sitting in the fire...

Recognized this also, even more difficult to stay healthy if you are on a Server that lets it rain every 30 seconds for about 5 Minutes. Staying in the same Garage (where you can luckily make a Fire) about 20 Minutes to get the Clothes at least a little bit less damp, just to go out and be showered again is not the Kind of Gameplay that creates Fun. Sitting nearly IN a Fireplace still leaves you shaking for a long time AGAIN, this Issue is not a new one.


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Hi everyone,
while we were not able to reproduce this exact issue, we are aware of a couple possible culprits and working on fixes. Also please keep in mind, that the temperature system is a subject to various experimentation in order to eventually achieve the ideal state.