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Obviously no one can get the cooking Tripod to work correctly on a Fireplace. Any Hints?
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Have no Clue what makes the cooking Tripod work, try out several Things though, nevertheless not successfully yet. Searching the Internet just brings up many other clueless Survivors...


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Find cooking Tripod, try anything coming in mind to use it with a Fireplace without Success

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The cooking Tripod can not be held in Hand from the Inventory, it can not be attached to a Fireplace, even if the Fireplace holds 5 wooden Sticks and 8 Stones, the cooking Pot can also not be attached to it as i tried - i am running out of Ideas.

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andy added a comment.Jan 13 2015, 1:13 PM

Hi NiMeRi and thanks for your feedback.
The tripod is currently not supposed to have any functionality as it is a WIP item.