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Craft rope
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Please make it possible to craft improvised rope by using vines or something because now I can craft a stone knife as soon as I spawn and I can get ashwood sticks but have to search hard for rope to craft a improvised bow or to make a improvised backpack or to craft a fishing rod


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I hope we'll have a chance to craft ropes in the future, but for now you can craft a snare trap, catch a rabbit with it, gut the rabbit and use it's gut as a rope to craft ashwood bow. It's a long process but it's your only choice to obtain an improvised rope for now.

BluesAdam... 'nice' *urgh* Suggestion, but i have never ever seen a Rabbit in this Game and have crafted about 30 Snare-Traps inside and outside the Cities and at the Forest, none of them caught a Rabbit, same with the improvised Fish-Trap (cut waterbottle with worm inside, placed in Water Sources). I am yet not convinced myself, that there even ARE Rabbits or Fish in the Game, not to even speak of living Chickens...

I put one snare trap near a water source (which felt clever to me) went to loot a few buildings and when I came back, there was a rabbit caught. It took like 15 minutes.

When you check the trap, if the wire is curved, it means the rabbit got away. Check this video out ;)

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And the problem is also the server resets sometimes. My friend and I created a whole camp in the woods the one time. Had a nice camp fire, a garden and few snares around us. So as we went to explore a nearby town, the server reset and as we logged on again everything was gone. Don't know if it might be because I had to quit my game because I had that connection problem again

Yes, some items/aspects of the game are still not included in persistance like vehicles, locked doors, snare traps etc. It was a bad surprise for me, too.

I'm not going to upvote this or downvote this.

If you've ever tried making "rope" out of natural fibers, you wouldn't be posting this suggestion. It's so hard it's ridiculous.

To make real rope, you need to dry the fibers first, then wet them, then it takes aaaages to weave them. So just forget it.

However, I think it would be cool to have like a make-shift rope made of duct tape. It's pretty sturdy. Would give the stuff some purpose, too. But that would mean making new models for the improvised backpack and all that.

Ropemaking, woodcrafting, textil crafting would all be a nice additions to see in DayZ. I think Ropes are a key element to survival. A Leather sling and bola would be nice, too. Growing herbs and harvesting roots,mushrooms,medical plants to craft medicine or poisons.....

Currently we can use guts to make fishing pole and bows. To get guts, we need to find a corpse and craft a stone knife. Soon we can make fire with natural resources and hopefully craft a stone axe.

I am off to punch a chicken to start my woodlander life!