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Character Randomly Cries After Respawn - Not Cannibalism
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EDIT I now know it is because we skinned and ate humans but it is still a glitch as it continued happening to my friend after he died. EDIT

When I am playing my character randomly makes a crying noise which is extremely annoying. It also happened to my friend which I could hear as well. I looked it up and some people said it is because you are in pain but I was light-green hydrated, energized and healthy. It also continued happening to my friend after he killed himself to try and fix the problem.


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Eat humans then die and respawn

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Did you eat some humans? because eating humans gives you a disease that makes you a little crazy and you randomly cry or laugh.

Cry when eat humans or skin any body

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Yeah the annoying crying/laughing is from eating humans. You will also have a twitch when aiming a gun, really annoying but man that human steak is tasty.

That would explain why my friend was having those problems (including the gun twitch) but it continued happening to him after re-spawning and hadn't eating any human meat. It also was happening to me when I had only cut up people and hadn't eaten them, so does skinning them make your cry too? So it is still a glitch as it happened to my friend after he respawned.

andy added a comment.Jan 13 2015, 12:32 PM

Hey CabooseRooster, there have been some changes to this, is the issue still present?