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Unexpected 0.52 update has broken the game?
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Before the update that happened earlier today on an unscheduled arrival, I had been playing on one persistent server for around 2 months, in that time I had managed to gather up a huge amount of gear with me and my friends, military tents, un countable amount of weapons and ammunition ect ect. I got on today and found that no servers we're working or showing up, so I left to play another game while awaiting a fix. I came back to notice DayZ updating. Once the update finished I loaded dayZ, and straight away no servers were up, not one. After a good hour of waiting, servers started to pile up, but were F** unplayable due to the lag / desync / ping whatever it was that's giving us a 'receiving' message every 2 seconds. And once I managed to get into a server I was completely reset, which was disappointing, and including every other server, I got reset after reset after reset. I don't see why the FUCKTITS you would make a patch, that does the exact FUCKING opposite. Oh i know, instead of fixing the game a bit, lets break it completely rendering it unplayable! "omgg yeehh brian mint ideaa m8888" Sort the game out. I payed to test an early access game, not to watch a black screen tell me to please wait.


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go on the game producing software. Click "Fix it".

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fix the game.

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Totally agree they are now starting to piss people off. There lag and rubberbanding is diabolical. It was only a matter of time before that happened. I think they should invest in some programers you know to program the game!

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As Foolee already said, there are sure some problems, but what here is descriped is just not true, please close here.