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You cant drown when you wear a ballistic helmet that looks out of the water
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You can be totally under water, if just 1 cm of your ballistic helmet is outside the water, you will never run out of air.

It's 100% Reproducible with the ballistic helmet, never tried with other helmets or caps, bandana.


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Steps To Reproduce

go into water
crouch in a way only a part of the helmet is outside the water
wait 10 minutes
never running out of air and become a fish

Additional Information

Didn't try the experimental 0.52, so I don't know.
Guess I will try 0.52 stable this evening

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I think you meant to say DROWN?

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edit: Of course I mean Drown, thanks for notice it:)
It's not always easy when English isn't your main Language;-)

0.52 Stable it's also bugged, I edited the Game Version to 0.52 Stable