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Experimental 0.52 Tent Disappears a minute or two after pitching
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I pitched a tent, put items inside. Walked to the road alt looking to see if I could see it from the road. Then it just disappeared. I relogged into the server but still not there.


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Pitch tent next to trees north of the crossroad between dolina and polana

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between a set of 5 pine trees

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i can confirm!
running 0.52, in Northeast 02 (First person), i found tents anywhere, deer stand, wooden houses, found also a military tent. but i saw only blue tents disappears!

andy added a comment.Jan 13 2015, 10:43 AM

Hi obeewnn and thank you for your feedback!
We have recently fixed a possible cause for this and I was not able to reproduce the issue again. It is however possible for this to occur as there still are a couple more possible culprits - please bear with us.