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Blurred screen even when healthy
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When you get hit by a zombie and the screen gets blurred and grey, then returns to color. This is normal. I've noticed recently it stays blurred even if you are healthy. I hit ESC and it goes away, perfectly clear. I was able to replicate this twice last night.


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Get hit by a zombie, hit ESC and your screen is blur free

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Had and still have the same problem (since 0.50 to now 0.52 experimental) but esc alone doesn't work for me. In my case I need to go to the videosettings to get a clear screen again.

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Come to think of it, the first time it happened I had went into the video settings for something and it corrected it. Then after that it was just ESC. Good point out. Thanks!

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Hi BMAF and thank you for your report.
We are aware of the blur going away when a player opens Video settings. As for the blur itself, we were not able to reproduce the issue and everything seems to be fine on our end. Please submit a new ticket if the issue still persists.