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At the Very North East there is a graphical issue with the sea
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Was walking around to search the North-East End of the Map just to check my Compass;-)

I found this place. I know it's outside the Official Map, since there is no vegetation at all, but still... Player can see it, and it looks strange.

I uploaded the screenshots of it.

You can see where the water starts, but then it disappears and a huge black hole is in the middle.

I tried to walk in, and there is really wather, I can swim in it, but I can't see, so it looks like you can fly around...


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andy added a comment.Jan 7 2015, 12:39 PM

Hey mist3r and thank you for your feedback.
We checked the edges and while they are not exactly aesthetically pleasing, the transition between ground and water was fine - please feel free to submit another ticket if you encounter this again.
Thank you,