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Hello dear sir
i contact you to ask when are you going to do something about hackers !
when the pre-alpha came out i saw a hacker 1 time a month but in this 2 last weeksi have the feeling ther is more and more comming, i see a hacker every day i'm playing its becoming unplayable got kill by an instant headshoot in a closed empty room, or a fresh spawn speed hacking and aimboting i tried to run away but the hacker is to fast and can shoot you from 1Km distance, what i have to do ?!
I hope u will understand the fair player i'am and will do something for this to going better Thank you.


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i meet them everywhere Tchernogorsk forest military base close to pavlovo and North West Air Strip

Last time a flying prone guy kill my full group of player head shooting one by one.

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New anticheat is in, gathering data. It'll be activated when they're sure it's working properly.
For now, try private servers and servers with lower populations.

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I allready tried a low populated server yesturday i got killed on a 11/40 player server and i swear this guys was speed hacking thats why i said the amount of hacker increased because i only saw some on full server but now they are on low too, i don't want that dayz finish like WarZ ruined by hacker.
They really should add something like a real time character info controler like walking speed and high from the actual level of the ground if this info look like unreal the guys is ban because he is cheating it will solve like 50% of the probleme at least they will be only able to use ESP and aimbot

Hello Vrax,

Please rest assured, the devs are and will continuously be working together with BE throughout the development process of the game in order to deal with hackers/cheaters. Please keep in mind during development, that as with all other parts of the game, the current iteration of the security measures is not final: