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DayZ Standalone | You have been banned from the game | Battle Eye Global Ban
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first of all sorry for my bad english.
Since yesterday I got many times a message " Confirmation of Changes: You have been banned from the Game / Sie wurden aus dem Spiel entfernt (german)"
After trying a couple of times and switched almost a dozen times the server, i was able to play a while and also found one of the new Military Backpack tent. After that i logged off. Today i started DayZ and tried to connect to the last server. The server was not responding there was only a black screen and " waiting for host". A few minutes later i pressed ESC because i don't know how to end the connection process. I was able to connect to another server and tried it. While joining the Server the message popped out: " Confirmation of Changes: You have been banned from the Game / Sie wurden aus dem Spiel entfernt (german)" and " Battle Eye Global Ban #c74de8 ". I re-started the game and tried to connect to a few more servers, but every time the same messages appears. I really dont know what is to do now ? The steam support site linked to this DayZ Site .

I really need help. Is it possible to get the game back running without losing my Military tent ?

Graceful Thanks from germany



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You'll have to contact BattlEye support.


BattlEye bans need to be disputed with BattlEye. Please contact them directly by using the following email address:

Alternatively you can visit their website at:

Please note that if you have been banned on ARMA 3 then your ban will carry over to DayZ.