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Climbing a hill with jogging speed while continuously changing weapon
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While climbing a hill of a certain steepness, the character starts to walk. You can keep jogging when you keep changing the weapon continuously


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Steps To Reproduce

Run alongside the hill (not upwards, not downwards), change a weapon with quick key, such as by pressing 1, then turn into the hill (up or down) and you will continue with jogging speed. Keep pressing 1 every ~1 second to keep up the jogging speed.

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andy added a comment.Dec 10 2014, 4:20 PM

Hi elaintahara and thank you for your report! I've made it private to prevent people from abusing the information.
This is something I've talked about to the animators and the problem is hard-coded in the animation system. We are working on some major tweaks of the system which should eventually allow us to get rid of this, but for now, this is not fixable.
Sorry about that, however rest assured that there will eventually be changes to the animation system which will result in a fix.
Thank you,