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Weapong "Vibrating" and not aiming still.
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I have logged in today, and found a mosin inside a building, took it and attached my damaged long range scope, Now when i aim with every weapon (I.E: derringer) Everything "Vibrates" and trembles. I saw this bug was already spotted in 0.44, but i think it's back again.Even if i try changing server, the weapon keeps vibrating.

EDIT: Even dying won't fix that, you spawn with the fine aim, and then, more time passes, and more the vibrations becomes higher.


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me too, AKM w/ PSO

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I believe sitting next to a fire solves this issue. You are shivering due to being cold but may not have the icon showing this effect. Similar to the phantom fracture that can be cured with morphine/splint.

Thanks Beav, it fixed everything, In the new 0.52 the way to solve this bug is the same as mentioned by Beav, but it will take a lot of extra time, no worries, get hot and your aim will be steady again

If you drive a Truck, you will have the problem to rapidly cool off and shaking. So you always have to warm up at a fire after driving a Truck. Otherwise there is no precies aiming possible.

How long do I have to be at the fire. I still vibrate even with Ironsights only. Only Bow and arrow are steady.

i have the same issue with my mosin, im healthy and warm because i waited a while by fire. after that my aim still vibrates like im really cold, this is a bug making it unable to make scope kills with a mosin and an AK.

Please fix this!

andy added a comment.Jan 19 2015, 1:23 PM

Hi everyone,
we are aware of this and investigating the problem (#0020179).