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[PRIMARY REPORT] Dayz Randomly Crashing version 0.51.125720
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So i walked in dayz and after 10 minutes is randomly appcrashed i am wondering why its keep doing it all the time after the 0.51 update and i am getting crash randomly sometimes after 10 min or 30. So i started to look in steam community there are more players who have this problem in this version.


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While playing.

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in the 0.50 never crashed for me in 0.51 its ceep crashing there are more players who says they ceep crashing.

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I deleted the appdata folder for dayz and opted out of beta. I have not had crashing of the game at all maybe worth trying to see if this resolves the issue.

i reinstalled me Windows for the game and still crashing but what do u mean opted out of beta? I did delete the dayz appdata well i played 30 minutes then it crashed so not fixed the crash problem.

i added my crashdump, question to the devs: do you know the issue of the random crashes / do you need more dumps?

its ceep crashing so lets wait them to reply and maybe it will be fixed if u delete the appdate dayz it will not fix it i tried it well i am verry verry sad :( because i just bought the game when it was in version 0.50.

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Same here. Game crashed random.

before it never crashed for me

happened 3 times for me today

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activate in the start options -dologs
Then when the Game dumps, it generates a log file that you can upload here:)

andy added a comment.Dec 8 2014, 1:10 PM

Hi Jackslayer and others!
Thank you all for your feedback. The crash here is the same in all cases as the one in #19260. The issue should be getting fixed soon.