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Netting Spawns 1 per server every restart?
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That is ridiculous, and only encourages server hopping... why would you make it so rare? i've spend the last 5 hours running up and down the coast looking at every boat... on 6 different servers and havent found anyhting but a pair of boots.... Absolutely ridiculous IMO


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We run from cherno to the factory on the coast up and down on two fresh restarted Server (we were alone) and don't found any netting.

its too little of a spawn rate, should be 6 netting per server per every 2 second restart

okay maybe its not rididculous, but maybe lets do... 2-3 per server

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yeah, i walked from cherno to behind balota, but still havent found one...
Experimental i found 3 in 10 Minutes...

In DayZ-Wiki stands ist uncommen. Now there is now netting ;D

1 per server! I mean seriously gonna take a month to get one piece made..

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I agree on the spawn rate being too low. Not only does guillie deny you the use of a backpack - which should be a deterrent by itself, it now is completely impossible to find netting. Tad disappointed about this, was looking forward to getting a guillie on and stalking people. Instead, I'm just running along the coast fruitlessly.

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Netting spawns in Stacks of 3. Found 2 of those stacks on 1 Server on the coast west of Chernogorsk. There was a server restart between tho.

It's to discourage a flood of ghillie snipers, which would make the game a lot less fun. For the foreseeable future it'll stay at 1p server, but after the devs get a feel of how many actually get produced they might adjust it.

Imho, they already nerfed it cause you can't have any backpack, but alas.

it should be 2-3 stacks of netting per server and should not be persistant if that is possible to make. 1/server is so rare and just makes people jump servers even more.

I agree that Ghillie suits should not be that common but this is super rare :D I hope the devs change the amount of netting later.

I have been looking forever on a private server, can't seem to find any, I checked around 60 boats.

i checked about 200 boats and found only one time... there were 2 pieces but mhm...

Private server is not a good way to find netting. You best chance to find one is to get on a server which has this insane super-loot "bug". In that fishing town next to svetlojarsk you might find netting under one of the 16-17 boats if the loot is respawning constantly.

This is the only way i guess, although as i said before this is encouraging server jumping, and when the devs can fix the super-loot issue, ghillie suits will be super rare again.

I guess we need another hive wipe with 0.52 :D

the wipe is already announced for the end of the year. But I don't know how it should help...
I searched for the last week and never found one piece... I walked from the Nord East down the coast and came in Karmenka and started again.. a whole week... Found nothing!

if they don't wipe the hive after the super-loot fix people can keep crafted ghillie suits (most likely find due to super-loot)

To make it fair, they wipe all gear so everyone starts with a new character...sound fair for me :D