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Item sleep system causes critical inventory and sound issues
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The item sleep system used to save server performance causes two critical game breaking bugs.

The first is the the gun shot sounds. Often guns in your chars net bubble will not be "woken up". This causes you to be unable to hear shots fired by this gun or see any attachments on it.

The second is the "empty" inventory bug. This bug occurs when you see an item holding object, such as a backpack, that appears to be empty, but you can't put anything in it. This is because this item is in "sleep mode" and has not been "woken up." This results in you being unable to loot many of the people you kill.

Please fix the item sleep system. Doing this would fix the 2 bugs that makes this game unplayable.


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Get in a gun fight or try to loot a body. Basically just attempt to play the game.

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Any info on this devs? thankyou

andy added a comment.Dec 4 2014, 12:19 PM

Hi Gabe and thank you for your report.
We are aware of both these issues (#18245, #17288) and both should be fixed soon - please be patient.