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Hi, is there any chance that there will be a "report" button in the game? Cause now i see ppl that abuses glitches and can't report them at all!
Caught two cheaters yesterday and all i could do was SS their names, but I can't do anything with that..


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Far, far too easy to abuse by reporting anyone who slights you.
Player names aren't fixed, either.

terrible idea, you can then report players who just annoy you, and did nothing wrong

well, you don't get banned just because you're reported, obviously there will be someone who goes over the reports and run them with logs and what not...

how are we going to get rid of the hackers/abusers if not??

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Totally agree with this idea only because Ryan isn't agreeing because hes scared to get banned by duping items :)

n00b kebab hack0r.