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Fire Weapons are trembling when aiming
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I tried to find a ticket but I didn't, so sorry if it's a duplicate.

With a Makarow and an SKS its very difficult to aim at something because of the trembling/shaking that the weapons do.
It's for me difficult to explain in English, I made a video with the link below that shows the problem.
Its not only when aiming, but also watched from the side you see the weapon shaking around...


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There was a bigger issue with Mosin and LRS that was similar that could be removed with a morphine or a splint. I tried this out but didn't help on this one...

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Hi mist3r,
thank you for your report.
We were not able to reproduce the issue and everything seems to be set up correctly on our end.
Please feel free to submit a new ticket if you feel the issue persists after another patch.