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Hacking is out of control and ruins the experience
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Hackers are out of control in .50. It is almost a 100% chance on any high population server that there will at least 4-6 hackers. Flying around the map, insta-killing players, flooding areas with loot, chasing players and wall glitching. It is ridiculous. I understand that the game is pre-alpha but the fact that the dev team is pushing for new items and different zombie AI is great, but the game is simply unplayable if there are this obscene amount of hackers everywhere. One of the cornerstones of this game is the player to player interaction and if 75% of the time I encounter a player that player is flying/wall hacking/aimboting the whole experience is ruined.


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really have to agree on this one. there was never a time where script cheating and dupimg was this widespread as current build. We know scripting will be smacked down by battleye at 0.51 which is a good thing. just hold on till next patch or play exp. I hope devs also fixed the duping issues.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 8:47 PM

and don't Forget: Hacker will not Trigger here bugs, glitshed and so on.
So if hacker makes the game unplayable the devs will not get any Feedback.

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there are still hackers on 0.51...

Hay found same experience so now looking into Private server signups so those can get kicked

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It sucks because you want that player interaction so you go to the high population servers but that is exactly where the hackers also go so it turns into a lose lose deal for everyone that plays legitimately

Recommend you try first person servers and stay off the coasts. I rarely ever see hackers because of this.

Jalapan added a subscriber: Jalapan.May 8 2016, 8:47 PM

People hacking like never before in 0.51

Maybe if devs read the known big hacker forums they could actually look at the code and prevent it.

Do it again and do it right. Hire a anti-hacker guy or two.