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Too many Basic Problems
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Hi Guys. First of, i really like this game. i spent hours on playing it.
But especially in recent times i am really getting annoyed by repeatingly appearing fundamental problems. I know this game is early access but still...

When rejoining after a server restart it happens that all your stuff is gone.
I noticed it only happens if you join early when the server is probably not yet completely ready. to prevent this just don't let the server appear in the serverlist before everything has startup properly.
In my opinion this should be the top priority task to fix. It's just depressing if you spent hours in collecting items just to loose them as a result of server misbehaviour.

It's randomly impossible to pickup items from a dead body. you can see the items but not move them. neither directly to you nor to the ground.
Very frustrating when your friends try to safe your stuff before it all disappears but are unable to.

Cheaters everywhere

Please enable in the serverhistory your last login time.

When picking up a weapon. such as the mosin. gadgets are not added or the rifle can not be loaded. After a relogin it's fine.


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Steps To Reproduce

-1) Restart the server and join as soon as you see it
-2) Get killed and let your friend try to pickup your items.
-3) Join any server you want and wait...
-4) See server history.
-5) pickup weapons with gadgets. dead bodies should fit best to reproduce this behaviour.

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andy added a comment.Dec 5 2014, 1:58 PM

Hi skulkers,
thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear the game has become harder to enjoy.
We are indeed aware of all these issues and some of them (e.g. the picked up weapons) should hopefully be getting soon.
Please have patience,