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Ak74 & Ak74u mags not spawning or way too rare.
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I've searched countless military bases and airfields looking for them to no avail. I heard they only spawn in barracks but have never seen them at that location. I would say i know for a fact there aren't spawning because ive joined a server and NWAF where the loot tables where glitched and the rooms where literally filled with military loot and after searching every building in NWAF and Vybor i found no mags for it but tons of high rarity item such as grenades and weapons.


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Attempt to find a Mag

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Only searched military loot spawns for them and military vehicles

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+1 ,i can confirm it. I have also posted a thread about the cr527 carbine mag.

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They do not spawn at police stations! I have also added an issue about that. It's odd considering the gun spawns at police stations lol.

The AK74(U) mags spawn in barraks and the cr527 mags in the Police Station, if you Need the Information.
And yes, yes are rare. Not as rare as the MP5 and Mags, but rare.
I have 5 AKUs with mags before i have one MP5 with Mag

Oddly enough I've found 3 MP5s this week and around 8 mags, but not a single AK74 one. I guess I was just lucky and unlucky.

I agree it is very rare. Sometimes I can find 10 AKs in a single barrack but no mags anywhere

andy added a comment.Dec 16 2014, 1:34 PM

there will be some tweaks to the spawning locations of these magazines, which should hopefully resolve this issue as well.
Please feel free to submit a new ticket if the issue is present after the next update - however keep in mind that these items are intentionally quite rare and we won't be raising the spawn rate just based on a single ticket.
Thank you,