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Dayz Experimental crashes on startup
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Tried 4 times now to go on Experimental. Checked that Dayz (experimental) fully downloaded, even rebooted entire PC, but when I click on launch game I see the Steam 'launching game' window for 1 second then it's gone and nothing further happens. I can go back to stable 0.50 with no issues.

I have verified file integrity on each occasion with no issues, so it doesn't appear to be corrupted files.

Have been in conversation with @JCStewart as Issue no. 19087


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Exactly as above

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andy added a comment.Nov 27 2014, 3:50 PM

Hi charlieatlas,
sadly, the files you have attached are corrupted (most likely not your fault, no worries) and we cannot analyze them. Would it be possible to delete the contents of the AppData folder, reproduce the crash and attach a new .rar?
Thank you,


Just to clarify and before I push the button: I need to delete just the contents of c:\users\alan\appdata\local\dayz - is that correct? and it won't affect my gameplay on dayz stable in any way?

Then I re-download dayz.exp, recreate the issue, get the new files from the pathway above, .rar them (with dxdiag report) and send them to you - have I got that right?

Thanks (just don't want to muck anything up).


andy added a comment.Nov 28 2014, 3:36 PM

Hi Alan,
there is no need to re-download anything, the game will automatically generate the AppData folder when it's launched.
Simply delete everything in the AppData folder and launch the game - the game won't be affected in any way from a player's perspective.


Followed your instructions, launched game (which failed to launch exactly as before) but this time there is no data or files in the appdata/local/dayz file, so what do I do now?


Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 8:44 PM

hi this happens to me aswell.
if i run day_experimental.exe not through steam it says SimulClouds_MD.dll is missing, and looking in the dayz folder there aren't the dlls that are present in the standalone folder

Andy - haven't heard anything further from you. Have you given up on my (and capsan's) issues??

FYI - when the new update hit the shelves yesterday, I had the exact same issue with stable 0.51, but I resolved it by uninstalling Steam, flushing the Steam config files, rebooting my PC, turning off all antivirus software (temporarily) and re-installing Steam.

Whilst this has worked for stable, I have not tried Experimental yet, so cannot confirm.