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Weird wire-frame occurring with the terrain. Where you can walk more specifically.
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Upon playing the game and grabbing a stick to make a splint the terrain changed to a light coloured wire frame model.

Made a video for it here:

In the video I describe in detail the bug and my steps to try and reproduce it. Seems to be a client side thing and will fix itself ONLY if the user completely quits the application and re-enters. This happened while at Dubrovka.


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Tried but failed, I had a friend who it happened to as well but unfortunately couldn't get footage. Seems to be random.

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Could be tied to the navmesh? the wire-frame seems to highlight doorways and seems familiar to one of the dev-blog/ updates when seeing images of how the navmesh works. also seems to be restricted to a single square on the map grid. (coincidence?)

If you would also like screen shots please say, thought a video would be better as you can see it happening :)

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Yup, we are indeed aware of this, but still - thanks for the feedback, Hellborn!
Please see #18904 for further information on the issue - it should be getting fixed soon.