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Since the last stable release, my PC reboots 10 seconds after connecting to a server.
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Hello guys!

First of all, here is my config:

Graphic card: R9 290X (4Gb Memory)
Processor: Core i7 3770 Ivy bridge
DDR: 16Go

The problems seems to be with graphics settings.
I tried to set graphics options to defaults and after that it seems to work very well but it's really ugly. So i tried to reset all settings to the maximum like before, but my pc crashed very quickly a few minutes later.

I try to see how this problem occurs by disabling some graphical options step by step, but it's very long because my pc crashes each time i try to play.

Did you do some graphical tweaks since the previous build of the game? It worked like a charm before the v0.50...

I can't play Dayz anymore and it makes me really sad :'(



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Build the same PC like me... lol

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Hi Jetpvck,
while there have not been any direct tweaks, environment has been changed a bit and might have become more demanding in terms of hardware.
Would it be possible to make sure that your drivers are up to date?
If so, please let me know and we'll see what more can be done, but please be prepared for the possibility of this issue being quite hard for us to fix in a short time.
Thanks for understanding,

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I'm guessing the answer is no from what you stated in the description but I'll ask anyway; Are you overclocking either your CPU/Memory or your GPU core?

I ask because DayZ is the one game that will crash for me if I overclock my GPU in any way. What has been a stable overclock (default factory overclock for 7970) for me in every other game, will cause DayZ to crash randomly. I can overclock my i7 no problem, but not the 7970.

That said, I've never had it take my system down, just the game executable.

[edit] It might also be worth checking the Windows Event logs for a clearer picture of what is going on when the system hoses up. Just reproduce the crash, note the time it went down, then look in the event log for an entry matching that timestamp and see what it tells you about the error.

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Yes I guess this could be hard to fix.
My drivers are all up to date. The crash happens after a really short time after connecting to the server. I told you 10 seconds but this delays may vary

I didn't overclock my hardware so i don't understand why there is a problem, especially if the latest patch has no relation with the graphics... :-/


This ticket can be closed, the problem was with my PSU which turned off when at full load.

I forgot to mention it earlier.