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Experimental game crashes
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Games crashes when trying to join, game crashes when trying to kill a infected, game crashes (on some servers) seconds after joining, when trying to move...


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I've got logging activated... attached some of them...

Happened on servers in DE, UK and SWE

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Please, stop creating duplicate threads! Just vote up another in "My view"!

Did others provide the same crashdumps that I have? Maybe not, so every bit of info for the devs about what's going on might help them....

And of course, seeing how many "game crash" issues have the remark "need more info", that is proving my point ;-)

Yes, others have the same topics. I think it's better to comment on the others so we van stay with one big "all in one". :)

I know, but as I said..every crashdump helps them...and one can't upload one for another thread...

Rly? Tried last time when I saw one...didn't work...

You can attach your files to any other topics AFAIK.

andy added a comment.Nov 28 2014, 12:24 PM

Hi Mjollnir,
thank you for your report and no worries - all crashdumps are appreciated.
This issue is however the same as most of the other recent crashes - please refer to #19149 for future development information.