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Combat logging/Duping
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At the moment killing players who log out does not effect them what so ever. Have killed several friends who log out, and their characters are still alive and able to login, and it allows for gear duplication

I think this should be fixed ASAP, as the previous patch was supposed to fix duping.

Surviving a firefight is now also as easy as hitting escape and logout, because no matter where you can log out with the knowledge that the next server you join will have your character as you left it even if you were being shot at, or pinned down.


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Steps To Reproduce

Log out
Get shot or killed while logging out
Log back in
See duplicated body with duplicated gear

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Made private to prevent the spread of duping. Please fix, gaming ruining. Thanks.

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andy added a comment.Nov 25 2014, 10:13 AM

Hi smurf_master,
thank you for your report!
This has been reported before and has been resolved on Experimental, it should be fixed on Stable soon as well.
Thanks again,