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Slow sprint
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Hi , my friend have a big problem , when we play , iam faster than he every time , i don´t know what to do ,it happens all the time, does not help change the server just nothing ...When I running normally, not a sprint, so I'm able to catch up with him, any ideas guys? Thanks for answer.I have start this topic again , because I have more information.He havent any weapon in his hands when we running i can get in my hands a AKM he nothing and iam when i start sprinting iam faster than him , i can get a video with it , internet connection is good , when we playing we are on skype so i think there cannot be a problem so i don´t know ,so tell me tell me if you like it or not video i can upload it on youtube , i havent problem with this and i want to solve this problem.


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Hi 520Pavel,
sorry to hear that the problem persists.
Yes, a video would help us greatly, please feel free to attach it to the ticket.

mut389 added a comment.Dec 6 2014, 6:44 PM

The same thing is happening someone I know. They are sprinting and it looks like they are sprinting but instead they are moving just as fast if not slower as I am walking. Same thing goes for them walking, they walk extra slow, almost like their stuck on a treadmill. I have tried different lives, servers and currently re-installing the game, however I cant seem to find many others with this problem, very frustrating, if you need me to post a video, I can do so later today.

I want to upload the video today so you can look at it i think i will be about 11:00 am . :)

different fps can cause this. At low fps your character is definetly slower. I think it's because movement is somehow tied to animation speed.

I think my friend can got about 30 FPS , i have about 50/80 FPS , i really don´t know how to solve the problem. :(