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BIG fps drops in towns
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When you are in cities the fps drops due to a bug with the rendrer.

This is because the inside of all buildings are renderd at the same time in an entire city.


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Look into a town.

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Replace the renderer already so night/light will work aswell.

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I was playing with a friend when all of a sudden out of the blue I hit TAB to look at what I have. Hmmm... the backpack I had is suddenly gone - I have no idea where it went? Oh and the mosin with scope I was so proud of that's gone too.

Frustrate and down hearted I decide to try and recoup some gear. Find a drybag and after 3hrs or so its almost full. Oh sever restart! Gosh! I load back up and all that's in my drybag is a banana. Yes a fucking banana!

Almost a year in alpha and the devs can't even get the servers to work properly. I understand its in alpha but really the core function of the game is the servers and they are diabolical. I look at all the people on my steam friends list, a lot of them have DAYZ but hmm... they are not playing it. I have never seen any of them play it. Most likely they went on, got to a city and LAG or rubber band.

The devs think they are doing well bringing out a vehicle. As far as I'm concerned they can stick it where the sun don't shine. The basics of any game, is playability! And I hate to say it but your servers are BAD! Framerates BAD! The high hopes I had for this game much like a lot of my friends not going anywhere near DAYZ is slowly diminishing. I can wait for content, I can wait for vehicles, new builds, clothes whatever. Its in alpha and new stuff being added means it will be bugged.

But the SERVERS one year on are not any better than when I first started in fact they are getting worse! Do you hear me? They are getting WORSE. I rubber band now more than I ever did. My character resets now more than it ever did. Fixing the zombies running through walls is the best fix of 2014 because that's what the community wanted myself included. You know what they want now? Let me tell you... better servers!

I can't wait for H1Z1 maybe that will be the game I hoped DAYZ would have been!

*Sigh* I guess the "Search" function must be broken too!?
Also, "Telling" the devs what causes the issue and "Telling" them to fix it already......... LOL, yeah they'll drop everything and get right on it just for you.

Kids now days, jeez.

andy added a comment.Nov 24 2014, 12:23 PM

Hi guys,
thank you for your feedback!
We are aware of this troublesome issue as it has been reported before. I am going to close this ticket, however please let me assure you that we are looking into ways of preventing this problem. Please be patient.
Thanks again,