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MP5 not spawning
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Hello deavs,
we ware today at 30 Police cars and 20 Police-Stations and we don't find any MP5. On the other days we also find no MP5s.
I know they are rare but on other patches we found 1 MP5 Minimum.
Could it be that the loot-tables are damaged and the MP5 is not spawning since the last maintenance?


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Steam Version 2014-11-22

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i have found multiple mp5 they are just rare then holy hell just keep searching on persistance serves and you should find one not including the clip thats a hole nother story lol happy hunting

andy added a comment.Nov 24 2014, 2:03 PM

Hi nerobp,
thank you for your report.
We've checked and MP5s are configured properly and do spawn - they are just very rare.
Best of luck when looking for one!