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Character is Always "Hot" and Goes to "Overheating" Quickly
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I have tried everything to get this character to "cool off" including removing all of the clothing and swimming in water. This worked momentarily but within 5 minutes character was back to "hot" and I cannot run more than 3 minutes without "overheating".


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Not sure if this is every character or just mine/select characters

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By this, i drop my Shirt and run throw the sea and drink that i get only hot.
And use tactical Shirts. There is not as easy to become overheading, as ist is with TTsKO.
Also, i run only with the Status "wet" round the world.

As we were used to freezing to Death in the 0.49 much too easily, now we are instantly running HOT, there likely has to be some finetuning to take place.

andy added a comment.Nov 24 2014, 2:25 PM

Hi perki104 and others,
thank you for your feedback!
The temperature mechanic is a subject to constant tweaking - we are aware of the hyperthermia being a little bit too punishing in the current version, however it should simply be considered a step in our experiments.
Please be patient, I believe we will be able to provide an optimal system soon.