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Trashcan blocking the doorway to a house.
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I didn't manage to get a screenshot of this because I was being chased and shot at, nor do I remember exactly, but the house is a log cabin and is located either among the houses just north west of the wooded hill outside Chernogorsk to the east, or in Prigorodki. The entrance of the house is facing south. There's a garbage can outside the doorway that is blocking you from getting in.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Try to find the house I'm describing.
  2. Open the door.
  3. Try to get in.

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Came across this Issue myself several Times at the black wooden Hut with one Entrance, the Trashcan stands left in the Doorway and you can only luckily pass, when you jump aside trickingly turning left or right.

andy added a comment.Nov 26 2014, 1:24 PM

Hi finnpalm and thank you for your report!
This has been reported before and should be fixed soon.