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Title Screen Character Snapshots
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The present title screen works fine at the moment, but it's boring. Your character stands idle like a mannequin, lacking personality.

What I'm suggesting is a 'character snapshot' form that gives your survivor things to do in a post-event wasteland. We can't all stand at attention next to a creek or a broken down van forever. Once the title screen fades in, the player sees their current character (with all their gear on, obviously) doing things they would be apt to do in Chernarus:

  • Crouched down at the corner of an apartment building window, trying to keep out of sight, but peeking every so often to check for danger. Muted gunshots sound off in the distance. If the character has a weapon equipped, they grip it nervously.
  • Turned away from the player, rummaging through a box in the corner of a garage. They sometimes toss an old can or other piece of trash over their shoulder or place something in their backpack (if they have one) on the floor next to them.
  • Sitting at a tiny campfire in the deep woods at night. The firelight manages to illuminate the character, but little else. Their breath is visible, their weapon leans over their backpack close by, and a tent is just visible behind them. The fire pops and crackles over the sound of the wind in the trees.
  • Character has their back against a wall, just next to a broken door or window, trying to stay out of sight and breathing quickly. Just out of focus, a continuous mob of zombies shuffles past behind them, groaning and crying.
  • Character crouches behind an overturned table, spattered with blood. In front of them a dozen lifeless infected lay piled up, some almost made it over the barricade. The character has a deathgrip on their weapon, but fights a losing battle against sleep, nodding occasionally during a micronap. Spent shells/brass litter the floor.
  • For fun: A longish shot of a solitary outhouse in a rural area. Seems like nothing at first, but then you hear a muffled grunt every so often.

Other things to consider:

  • Group/Clan Implementation: Should any in-game group registry become available, the Snapshot should include nonspecific people around your character, like out-of-focus people sitting with you around the fire. Not in reference to actual people's characters, but to indicate that you aren't typically alone.
  • WYSIWYG: Items you actually have will appear in your hands or on the ground in Snapshots where appropriate. The most obvious example being your weapons, but also food and water, tools, etc.
  • Hero/Bandit: Should some kind of guilt/morality/hero system be implemented, the types of snapshots available change with this. 'Good' players can be seen comforting an out-of-focus survivor, whose identity is obscured while they cry into the player's shoulder. 'Bad' players root through the bag of another survivor, quickly looking over their shoulder while doing so. 'Really Bad' players could go full crazy and start stringing up ears or butchering people in a cooking pot.

There are a million different scenes that would add a terrific cinematic flavor to the (presently) bland menu screen, of which I'm sure my examples are the least imaginative. I would like to hear everyone else's ideas!


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Hello SgtPotatoes,

Thanks for sending in your suggestion on this feature. I'll close the ticket though, since it does not seem likely that the devs would start developing the main menu like that at this stage.