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Global Ban
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hello , today i get global ban for nothnig ? i just run trough berezino and kick (global ban)?? i have in pc cheat engine and i read in some forums it can be the installed cheat engine ??


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Nothing ? Cheat engine installed ? Anticheat did its work. You can be unbanned for 23.99 euros, go to steam and search for Dayz.

BattleEye scans for cheat engines and if you have one on your PC you do not need to actually use it ingame to get banned. I am not sure if its enough to have it installed or if it has to run - better read the licence agreement.

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better don't install a cheat engine at all? why install one if you don't want to cheat?

Hi Hedy,

BattlEye bans need to be investigated/disputed with BattlEye. Please contact them directly by using the following email address:

Alternatively you can visit their website at:

Please note that if you have been banned on ARMA 3 then your ban will carry over to DayZ.