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Water Considerations: Wells don't work and game is lacking streams and other bodies of water
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Dev Team,

Great work. I've noticed that I can no longer drink from wells in the new update. I walk up to a well, stood next to, stood on top of, and the action button does not have drink at all. Nor can I fill up my container at a well as I used to in prior versions.
Additionally for your consideration...Please consider adding into your world rivers or streams that flow in low lying areas and include them on loot maps as blue lines. This huge world in Dayz has swamp like ares but few ponds and no streams that I've seen. I think adding some streams would assist in navigation as players could handrail these streams. Furthermore, I have embarrassingly died of dehydration on 2 occasions with 2 very well stocked characters that just did not have enough drink. Adding more natural water sources to the game would improve it.
Thank you for your consideration, Great job, keep it up.


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Wells fixed in .51 which is disappointing... I loved the harsh summer where you can't get enough water and water sources are more important than airfield.

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I drank pond water in large quantities when i reverted back to .50 and had to deal with the broken wells. Surprisingly I did not get sick...

andy added a comment.Nov 18 2014, 2:49 PM

Hi dssers101,
thank you for your feedback and kind words!
This has indeed been fixed on Experimental and should be resolved on Stable soon as well - please refer to #18571.
We are continuously discussing ways of improving the environment to make it better looking and more interesting to play in - suggestions like yours are certainly on our mind.