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Game crashes after BI logo
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Game crashes right after BI logo. (throw back to windows pulpit). I tried to verify game cache, reinstall drivers (clean installation), bunch of different lunch options. Game lunches in basic default configuration. But after using optimalization from Nvidia Experience it crashes after BI logo. If I try to change resolution in game or change Vsync in game it crashes right away also. Default config is 640x480 res which is high from optimal to play. Problem starting occure after latest patch and is occuring only in Dayz. ARMA and bunch of other games works fine.


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As far as I know no one else from my friends have this problem. Yet it occures to me every time. Change any graphic setting regarding to resolution or vsync crashes game.

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andy added a comment.Nov 20 2014, 3:20 PM

Hi pawelglucklich,
sorry to hear about your trouble.
Would it be possible to attach your DxDiag and contents of AppData folder to this ticket? Please see for instructions.
Thank you,

Post updated with files as requested. 22/11/2014

Is anything being done with this issue? I still cant start a game.

andy added a comment.Dec 4 2014, 2:53 PM

Hi pawel,
yes, we have been looking into this. The programmers will see what can be done - in the meanwhile, please make sure to disable various unnecessary options in NVIDIA Control panel, as some of them might be the culprit here.
Thank you,

I have done complete fresh install of dayz (deleted all files from my pc - local data roaming etc). Problem appears to be same. I can start dayz with default settings. I tried to change in menu options and i can change texture quality, shadow quality etc. What i cant change is vsync, resolution, antialiasing. Those immedietly crash game. If i try to change resolution from notpad or nvidia it crash right after bi logo. Hope that helps you guys somehow. GL and hope I can get back to game soon (ghilli and V3S are so sweet) :D

OK!!! I finally manage to solve the problem. Apparently there were some SweetFX files left in game folders. So even after reinstalation and deleting long time ago SweetFX they were still operating. So 3 patches ago some changes made to DayZ did broke my game (SweetFX did it to be more precise). I just deleted all SweetFX files from DayZ game folder and game appears to be fine. ;)
You can change status to solved. Thks for your help guys.

andy added a comment.Dec 9 2014, 1:43 PM

Thanks for letting us know, pawelglucklich!
The information you have provided will surely be used to help others, thanks again.