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[Sound/Character] Issue with sound/visual feeback when you are being shot at
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Sometimes you don't know when you receive a bullet because sometimes you don't have any sound/visual feedback. It happens that you don't hear neither the bullet nor the weapon and if you are not directly hit or if the shot land on the weapon you have no idea that you are being shot at.


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Shoot at someone.

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I shot a guy on NWAF from a 700-800m range with a mosin, my first shot missed because I didn't properly zeroed my gun and the shot landed 3 meters away on a solid ground (should be a distinctive sound) but the guy doesn't seems to hear it. My second shot landed on his weapon (typical white flash), the guy still doesn't know that I am shooting at him... Third shot in the head and he died trying to loot something like nothing happened.

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Hi Llew,
this is something we are aware of, please see #18245.
The problem here is quite complex - please be patient.
Thank you for your feedback,