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Ridiculously slow framemrate
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Whenever i look at a forest or anywhere with a lot of trees, my FPS takes a nosedive. Even at the Very Low preset it drops. I would say it goes down to the neighborhood of 10-15 FPS. I have a Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 2GB video card, 8 GB of ram, and a AMD A6-3650 APU at 2.60 GHz


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Started to play again. It appears this only happens in cities, and is most likely the houses.

Same for me, Hospitals especially kill the framerate. Take Elektro as an example, running into it the fps starts to plummet but not overly. look at the hospital and its game over fps.

This is an issue they know about as mentioned in the latest patch notes but it really needs addressing asap as it has been a problem for longer than this particular iteration.

Hello bioniclekinz,

The fps drops you're experiencing is most likely not your hardware so much as it is DayZ not having been fully optimized yet. If your hardware drivers are already fully updated, you can always have look at the following post which shows tips/suggestions on how to increase your fps: [^]