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Items dropped out of hands are sticking to player.
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Because of insufficient inventory space, I've been carrying items in my hands alot.
When an item that was in the player's hands previously is dropped on the ground, it will stick to the player instead of properly showing up on the ground and staying there.

This led to different results.
In neither of these results the to the player sticking items had the "in-hands"-logo on them (white, abstract hand at the bottom left of the item).

Sometimes, the item dropped on floor would appear straight back in your inventory, as if the player was wearing it.
Somtimes it would show up on the ground but when the plaer is moving away too far it would show back up in the inventory, as if the player was wearing it.
And finally it would sometimes only appear back again as if the player was wearing it, when the player is taking any item in his hands.


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Dropping an item on the floor

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I'm not sure when those things occur yet and under what circumstances. I will try to provide a more detailed description soon.

I can confirm this for all meele weapons, the Medkit (all containers) and fertilizer.
I'm not certain if this is also an issue, with more simple items like a can of beans.

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Hi kll4,
thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated!
This has been reported before and we are currently investigating, please refer to #18382.